Things You Need To Know About Turkish Tea

Turkish tea

It is good to enhance your knowledge by knowing about different places across the world and the things which they are famous for. As Pakistan is famous for its geographical magnificence, Korea is famous for its food specifically kimchi, Syria is famous for its artistic innovations and Palestine is famous for its variety in food. Similarly; turkey is the country which is famous for many things. It is located in the Middle East and bridge the gap between Asia and Europe.  Turkey is known for its exotic locations, it rich history, and coffee. Turkish tea is another such thing which is quite popular all across the world. The Turkish tea is the most loved and popular tea across the world. Everything about this tea is amazing; be it the taste of the tea or the aroma. In addition to that; the pots used in its making to the way it is brewed everything is fascinating enough to make this tea popular around the world. In this article; we will be discussing everything about Turkish tea.

Things you need to known about Turkish tea;

Turkish tea is the black tea which is made from the naturally grown tea herbs. As it is naturally grown; so it is quite beneficial for health which is why it has no additives or chemicals in it. Even though; mostly the Turkish tea is made from only the use of tea herbs but sometimes people add other spices and herbs as well to enhance its aroma and its qualities. There is no timing for drinking this tea; you can drink at any time of the day; be it morning or evening. It is prepared by stacking to pots over one another in such a way that bigger pot has water boiling in it and the smaller one ahs the tea herb brewing in it. The steam of water heats up the tea in upper pot and prepares it. When the tea colour seems perfect then the upper pot is lifted and poured in small cups with no or tiny handles.

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Even though coffee plant was invented in Ethiopia but its term was coined from Turkish word “kehwa”. The coffee of turkey is famous because of its extremely fine grounded beans. Turkish coffee sets have the traditional Turkish touch in them which makes the whole experience of drinking Turkish coffee even more mesmerising,


Turkey is the country rich in culture. It is specifically known for its tea and coffee across the world. Not only the taste and aroma of Turkish tea is exuberant but also the way it is brewed is quite fascinating. You can buy the best quality of Turkish tea pots as well as buy turkish coffee sets online from “Turkish store”.