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What Do You Need To Know About Custom Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners are the kind of banners which are used for the purpose of the advertising and these are most commonly used for the outdoor advertising. There are custom vinyl banners as well and these are the ones which are especially designed for the particular customer and these are printed using the ink jet printers, these printers are high quality printers and used in the designing and printing of the large billboards. Usually these custom vinyl banners are printed on the single page.

Vinyl is one of the most common kind of material that is used in the manufacturing and printing of the custom banners because it is heavy weight and this vinyl is more commonly referred as the PVC. Although these custom vinyl banners are different in the weight and these could be single or the double sided depending on the requirement of the customer. The more the weight of the banner, the more difficult it is to hang on and the eyelets are used to provide support to these. Although, other supporting tools include the tape and the weld. The size of these custom vinyl banners could be this much large that these could cover the entire side of the building and these are printed on the special kind of the paper.

The vinyl custom banners are very much durable and the printing on these banners usually lasts around 3 to 5 years. These banners are digitally printed as well. The ink which is used in the printing of these banners is the eco friendly ink which is usually solvable in the water and this is the ink which is designed to withstand the severity of the weather such as the UV lights of the sun. although banners which are very much large in size are printed by the special ink jet printers called the grand format.

Another printing style of the vinyl custom banner is the lettered banner; however, this has gone obsolete and no one uses it since the introduction of the format printing. Another method of printing is the screen printing and this is the method in which many kinds of colours are used. Although this method requires the usage of the high multi press machines and therefore, these are only reserved for the large banners because for that it is cost effective. Another kind of the printing in the custom vinyl banners is done through the painting and mostly this painting is done by the hand and the graphics and letters are also made by the hand. These are the kind of the banners which were used in the past but are not very famous in this modern age of digital printing.